Experienced with 48-State Authority

Why Use ATI

You probably hear all kinds of claims from all kinds of people calling themselves the specialists. The fact is only experience can really make anyone a specialist. Serving our customers for over a decade! Our experience speaks for itself.

Whether you need a tractor-trailer towed to your home terminal or have a piece of equipment moved, Amarillo Towing is the nationwide solution. Since we have authority to operate in all 48 states, we can get it there on-time, short-notice safe and sound. A simple telephone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Then, simply set back knowing the job is being done and your equipment will arrive safely and on-time.

Always Available

Amarillo Towing offers 24 hour reliable and prompt service. Our experienced drivers and large fleet can accommodate any size vehicle. Let our friendly staff assist you in all of your towing needs.

No job is too big or small
We do it all

Dispatched 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer
24-hour reliable and prompt service.
Amarillo Towing Trucks

Amarillo Location

1105 N. Mirror Amarillo, Texas 79107
24/7 Toll Free: (888) 709-5678
Local: (806) 355-4650

Dalhart Location

1601 E 13th St., Dalhart, TX 79022
24/7 Toll Free: (888) 709-5678
Local: (806) 355-4650